Hiking tour La Isleta



Some shots from my hiking tour north of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (La Isleta). It was an overcast day but I liked the atmosphere and took a couple of pictures.

A nice view over the city of Las Palmas.

20140407 L1000243 Bearbeitet


A 8 year old child came to death in the cliffs formed by the Lava stone.


20140407 L1000278 Bearbeitet


A solitaire withstands the continuous waves from the Atlantic Ocean. There is a some difference between low and high tide here. The locals are using this spot for surfing.


20140407 L1000301 Bearbeitet


The water caves out interesting structures here. Somebody playing football (did you see it?)


20140407 L1000323 Bearbeitet


Kind of a snake footprint.


20140407 L1000326 Bearbeitet


A pebble found its place.


20140407 L1000299 Bearbeitet

Capo Testa, Sardegna, Italy


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When I travel to Sardegra for motorbiking  I usually visit Capo Testa to take a couple of pictures.  It is a beautiful bizarre place where wind and rain has formed the rocks. If I’m lucky the sky has nice clouds and the air is clear. 

Capo testa 2

The lighthouse

Last time I took a tripod with me to take series of pictures to give HDR a try. I’ve used it modest to keep the pictures realistic.

Here are my first attempts.

 Capo testa 8

Capo testa 9

Capo testa 7

This landscape looks also beautiful in black&white.

Deep holes are drilled into the rocks.

 Capo testa 1

Some of the rocks looking like animals. I see a falcon watching here …

Capo testa 6

Sydney at night


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During my 10 days visit in Sydney, Australia I took my camera and a little tripod out at night.

IMG 1440

The Opera from the Harbor Bridge

IMG 1435

View from Harbor Bridge, direction Circular Quay West.

IMG 1546

I could not resist to take even this one which is probably one of the most photographed view of Sydney.

IMG 1474

A lot of nice restaurants are placed around the ferry boarding

IMG 1564

This one you should not miss: the famous “Cafe de Wheels” where you can have a pie with mash and gravy. It is located at the waterfront of the Woolloomooloo Bay.

Venice, Italy


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I’m currently planning my next trip to Venice. Good time to have a look at the pictures from the last visit.


I like this nice reflections and having the multiple layers in one image.

Even if Venice is a very crowded you can find a silent place for drawing.


Some people have no aversion against the flying rats (pigeons) as I have